19 Oct 2016 – An Attachment With Holter!


Sat: AC serviced today and have decided against the tray to be placed underneath it. Saw an AC with a tray underneath and do not like the idea if anything goes wrong and the water gets stuck in it, especially when I travel so often for extended period.



The view from the kitchen and bedroom with the roof-garden on top of the multi-storey carpark. Have been keeping an eye on the tree with the yellow flowers hoping to capture a visit from the yellow bird.


Sun: visited bro Steven at United Medicare Centre and sis-in-law, Kit in her home. Today has been a low-day, reflecting back to more joyful days in their youth where they were and still are both good people caught in a society with complications of life dramas.


On the bus, Sunday traffic on Orchard Rd – must be out of my mind to be there, but thank goodness public transport in SIN have AC and are clean and comfortable. Dropped by to CC to say hi before Calvin heads off to the US.

6b03009603_345x518_c4f859f39dMon: MtE to get blood test done and to get hooked up with the Holter equipment to monitor Afib. Movie Inferno***Tom Hanks returns to play Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor and symbologist who has to decipher clues in Florence along with his ally doctor Sienna Brooks in order to stop an engineered disease by a lunatic geneticist who wants to drastically reduce the world’s overpopulation. Too much action for an irregular heart…


Shopping@Plaza SIN and luck out@John Little’s relocation sale. Good deals for the perishable items. Stocking up for the Christmas and enjoying TipYew Chong’s mural paintings there.


891072e54b99ed6b10a49f9f6af21400Tue: could not wait to get the Holter off. After 24hrs, felt like a suicide boomer with all these wires hooked up to the body🙂 Would have been stopped and imprisoned if I had to go thru’ any metal detector! Blood tests OK but the Afib still persistent, such is life when one ages on top of bad genes – family history of heart problems. Ivy admitted to MtE.

I’m proud of my HEART. It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow it still WORKS…

608b22e14f_345x518_7b95453c28Sully****have seen this on my laptop not long ago, but wanted to see it on a big screen.

The world witnessed the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ in 2009 when Captain Sullenberger made an emergency landing on the Hudson River, saving the lives of everyone (155) on board. Although some may view him as a hero, but an investigation threatens his reputation and career.


Serene walk along SIN River where the preparations for the 2016 River Festival are in progress. Good to know about it, cousin Yun might be interested.


img_2091img_2092Privé@ACM***by the SIN River – nice location with a lovely breeze outside, and if you want AC, indoors can be quite cosy too. Was not hungry but needed some greens. Had only the Caesar Salad, food and service OK but then I did not try the other dishes. This location was where IndoChine was, and I do miss their summer rolls and the beef PHO.



Wed: Happy HumpDay! Fullerton Hotel, my favourite hotel lobby to enjoy a glass of bubbles or a cuppa under calm live-music from the balcony. Stumbled upon ‘Meows in Museum‘ artist Svetlana Petrova and Zarathustra the Cat at the hotel’s East Garden Foyer – a must for cat-people.

The troubles of modern life come from being divorced from nature – Isaac Asimov

Australia & Norway

14 Oct 2016 – Connections With The Little Red Dot

Tue: tkx Sue for notarizing my papers. More paper work and errands to the post office.

v1-btsxmjiyotg0mjtqoze3mta2ozeymda7mze1ods1mdawWed: movie The Girl on the Train***Rachel, devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds. Wonderful in a mediocre movie.

Not good reveals from the critics but I liked the movie.

Visited bro Steven@SGH before he is off to a nursing home tomorrow where he needs to be. Somehow the culture and ways here may not agree with me when this subject is concerned.


Thu: condolences to the Thai Royal family and the Thai people for the passing of their king – His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (1927-2016) who was born in the USA. Having reigned since 1946, he was, at the time of his death, the world’s longest-serving head of state and the longest-reigning monarch serving for 70yrs 4months.


‘We will reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the Siamese people’ – His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej (1927-2016). And he has absolutely done so with total grace and dignity. Pix uploaded from various sites.


Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. to this little ‘Red Dot’ for the positive continual connections with Australia & Norway. May we always be able to keep or renew these friendships and ties. Pix credits to SIN PM, President and various medias.


Look who is sitting next to Mrs Tan, Dr Tony Tan’s pix during his visit@UiT in Tromsø? Morten – someone I have known and fond of since he was 15, uncle to my children. Today he is the Dean of UiT in TOS, Norway.  Pix credits to SIN President Dr Tony Tan.

v1-btsxmtg2mdayodtqoze3mtayozeymda7mjg0ozqwnqCafé Society***in the 1930s, a young Bronx native moves to Hollywood, where he falls in love with the secretary of his powerful uncle, an agent to the stars. After returning to New York, he is swept up in the vibrant world of high society nightclub life. 

A bittersweet comedy about love, family and the irony around perfect personal growth – a love story drenched in nostalgia…

Believe it or not, all pix in this posting have been downloaded from various sites. The calm before the storm for the camera. Expecting overseas guests from 25Oct-21Nov and the camera will be very busy with shooting moments for memories!



10 Oct 2016 – 2016 Fall and Winter Launch

Sat: much boring paper work to plough thru’ for the weekend but has to be done before partying tonight!


What a bunch of dashing young men@Arc’teryx Fall/Winter 2016 Launch Party 🙂 Pix of QX, Thomas and Benson (pix credits to SengHock). Saw that many were taking pix and looked like my pix turned out as blur as I was at this party! Blame it on jetlag and hurricane Matthew!!


Upon catching the sight of SengHock, I knew that there will be enough of good pix circulating around. He is a good photographer who takes clear and sharp images. Sam sprucing Thomas up for the fashion parade!


Appreciations for the invite Calvin, good to see so many there. Tkx for an enjoyable evening to Management, Staff & Friends@Campers’ Corner and Arc’teryx, the best outdoors and urban outfitters stores in SIN.


Chris testing out my self-timer with a smaller group downstairs@Campers Corner as the party upstairs was crowded. Those who know me also knows how I feel about crowds! More so after just returning from the world’s northernmost city Tromsø/Norway pop 50,000+, area 2,520km² (973sq mi). SIN pop 5.3+mil, area 719km² 277sq mi)…!!! Tkx to Christian’s daughter that we have a group pix.

Sun:  9Oct 0630hrs – the view outside is same as the previous posting (7Oct), no updates necessary. Really enjoying and liking these downpours (do not usually last more than 15mins) and cooler (of course that is relative) weathers. Very calming and relaxing.


14650181_10210905319619705_3423963026871462917_nFamily and friends in FL, GA, SC and NC have reported that they are safe from ‘Matthew’. Have been following closely with the news and see that there are wide-spread floors. Linn, Jeff & the Fabulous5 have escaped to higher grounds at their Sugar-Mt ski condo in NC for the weekend, but still wet and windy as reported by her. 4pix credits to Linn.


Lunch with Clem & family and a walk-about window shopping with him who knows me enough to take me to the least crowded places in the weekends. Visited bro Steven in SGH and so sad to see him aging this way 😢


Looks like the MRT construction works are not only in my area, here at the jct of Grange Rd and Rochalie Dr is the same story. Hope that the big trees will stay. Wonder if I will be around to be able to take the Thompson-East Coast Line MRT from MT to Napier?? That will save me 30mins with this direct line to travel from my place to SBG. Tkx to Les&Ivy for dinner and wines.

Nice to catch up with Les&Ivy to arrange socials for cousin Yun from Toronto when she will be visiting in Nov. Looking forward to family gatherings in Nov.


Mon: the SunShines of my life enjoying Caesars Head State Park, SC and to quote Linn –  What a difference a day makes☀️ tkx Linn for these wonderful shots and for sharing your sunshines. Appreciations for dinner at sis Jo’s. Have now caught up with those closest to me in my family.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to family and friends and to all who are celebrating today. Enjoy the turkey.

Being a mother and grandmother is the best of the best in my life. My grandchildren multiply the joy my daughters bring me – Alexandra Stoddard


7 Oct 2106 – Airports


img_1988Tue: arr SIN airport, objective thoughts – my favourite airport so far! Plane landed ahead of schedule but was parked slightly off-alignment to the jet-way, error from Qatar airlines pilot. Waited app 10mins to be tugged to place and everything went smoothly after that. Was even offered drinks FOC while waiting for the luggage which took app 5mins. Caught the bus (costing less than S$1) and was back in the flat less than an hr after d-boarding the plane.

Was thinking how I had to wait 1+hr at the pass-control when I landed from SIN-OSL (Qatar) in Aug, and then waited nearly an hour for luggage upon arr from TOS-OSL (Norwegian NOK1,598 S$272RT) yesterday. Administration@OSL/Gardermoen Airport does need much improvement. Thank goodness flight from OSL-SIN (Qatar US$764 S$1,046RT) was not until 4hrs later.


Just because I have to travel like such does not mean that I like it, but if I do not, how can I get to see family and friends who live all over the world? Takes awhile to re-adjust to everything after being away for a couple of months. Welcome home is what is usually said to me when I get back to SIN, but was feeling just as much at home when with family and friends who I appreciate and cherish.


After 4airports, 16+hrs on 3different planes, lost count of the movies!! safe and sound stretching on any clean bed feels good.

imagesWed: usual thing to do is to get a hair-cut (S$5) when back in SIN. Had to watch Wild Oats***(S$4for seniors@Shaw cinemas, S$4.50@GV+others) before it is taken off the big screen.  A senior-citizen adventure-comedy where Shirley MacLaine (do usually enjoy her acting and this was no exception) stars as a woman who heads off the Gran Canaria with her best friend after receiving $5mil cheque by mistake. Pleasant entertainment when jet-lagging and did not fall asleep🙂

img_2053Thu: believe it or not, but this time round most of the unpacking was done by this morning – wonders never cease, or maybe am just so tired about living out of a suitcase. Shopping in Parkway and bought myself a present. Have been wanting one of these for over a decade. It is actually not as big as this image shows, just the size of a small coffee table.


LOL Leonard – does he really want me dead (even when he is not the beneficiary to my will🙂 )?? As it is, the heart is not even pumping regularly enough to hike 10miles!! not to say 24,000miles!!!!!




Fri: TGIF and things are falling into their comfortable zones, but feeling confused. Sad to see the bigger trees gone at the jct of MC/MP Rd – all for the sake of progress! The bus-stop on MP Rd is relocated to nearer the jct of MT. Know that all these constructions of the new MRT station will bring up the value of my HBD flat but selling is not in my mind, not yet!


So impressed with this and such a brilliant idea, especially for those living with the dark winter weathers. No need to have to worry about forgetting to wear reflective accessories. 3above pix downloaded.



Following ‘Matthew’ a catogary4 hurricane causing devastation in Haiti and the surrounding areas. Now heading towards FL coast.  Take care and stay safe all in these areas. Thoughts are with them all in FL, GA & SC. Even the weather here in SIN is feeling the moods of ‘Matthew’ on the SE coast of the USA.


The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins ― Bob Moawad

Hello Oct 2016

4 Oct 2016 – So Long Tromsø/TOS

DAY 6 challenge, UK – C2C Trail (Jul-Aug 2013) and  Paul Krause nominated.


Fri: tkx to Nils for showing me around the KulturHuset/The Culture House, TOS most important scene for performing arts. It is also a resource center for the city’s cultural life with area of 6,000sqM, 3stages, 1café and various public area


Delightful Baroque music performance by Ensemble4FEMTEN  for the Fri FOCnoon concert. Nils is the Marketing Chief for the events – having fond memories from 1968 of this sweet young 8yrs old boy who taught me all my Christmas vocab in Norwegian🙂


Mosaic by my favourite TOS artist Marit Bockelie@KulturHuset’s staircase. Some of her works around town – Gyllenborg skole/Elementary School and Søndre Tollbodgate (2007). did not have the time to see them all, but would have liked to.

Sat: last day, DAY 7 challenge,  USA – Angel Oak is a Southern live oak (Quercus virginiana) located on Johns Island near Charleston, SC. Brenda was nominated. Glad that this is over Hazel!




1st visit to Polaria, world’s most northerly aquarium. Its striking design represents ice floes that have been pressed up on land by the rough seas of the Arctic. This modern architecture echoes the Arctic Cathedral across the harbour in Tromsdalen on the mainland.



There was an on-going outdoor research project about cleaning the coast and Claire of course knew most of the PhD students there! The hibernating bear statue and fall colours are here to remind us that winter is soon on its way!


Thank you Claire&Stein & family for putting me up and for putting up with me in their cozy house with a wonderful view.


Sun: saw parts of the UiT Campus (world’s most northerly U), tkx to Morten. There was an open house today with exciting and interesting happenings. Nice to see Ingvild and her 2boys there enjoying the events.


Like those experiments where the app identify me as a 27yrs old… lol🙂


Did not even realized that he is serving his 2nd term as Dean of UiT!


Morten&Laila’s new town-flat by the sea, beautifully situated and nice interior.


Delicious home-made and self-caught fish in a fish-soup (4different sorts) dinner with some of the family Hald.  Glad to have got the opportunity to see Nils on Fri and sorry to miss Magnus.


Morten&Laila’s country-house on Kvaløysletta. Appreciations to them for getting as many of the Hald family together.


Mon: the weather sympathizes with me as I bid farewell to TOS where there are so many fond memories to cherish and treasure.


Edited –  with some members of the family Hald, Christmas in TOS (1968). Cathrine, Nils, Magnus and John III.


Amazing contrast just within a few days. Arr Wed where there were only 3tiny patches of snow on Tind and dep Mon with the snow creeping down, slowly but surely. There is a folklore in Norway that if there are a lot of red berries on the Rowan trees then it’s going to be a long, cold winter. So let’s see if this will be true!!!


Oct’s Special Dates:

3 Happy Bday CHONG SiongYin

6 Happy Bday David WONG

7 Happy Bday Leslie LAM

8 Happy Bdays Larry LAM, Audrey WONG and KONG HengSun

12 Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM

13 Happy Bday David YUNG

16 Happy Bday Patricia LAM

21 Happy Bdays Steve LAM & Dee HALL

27 Happy Bday Ellen HALD sr

29 Happy Bdays LAM KwokLock & Kiera CHUA

31 Happy Bdays Adeline LEE, Mark BOROWSKY and Happy Halloween

So Long OSL

30 Sep 2016 – Hello TOS

Mon: DAY 2 challenge, Ireland – the western part around Dingle Peninsula (Jun2012). Mario Mc Cormick nominated.


O did not want to be at daycare and I was more than happy to spent the day with him. Took him to a playground that he has not been and like me, he seemed to enjoy having this location to himself.


Interesting way to make a wall and the stones inside look well-scrubbed and pretty.


Linn&family would have liked this place. Bring your own logs and we can have a delightful picnic of hot-dogs and roast marshmallows. Even this tiny tree is showing that fall is in the air.


The equipment here are beautifully designed and made of wood.


Lovely walk and yummy but very rich fish soup dinner at Egon@Ullevaal stadion on the way to say goodbye to Hustads.

DAY 3 challenge, HongKong – MacLehose Trail and Repulse Bay (Mar2011-12). Martin Williams nominated.


Tue: cleaning up the mess after me and packing…


DAY 4 challenge, Norway – heading to Tromsø today. Karen Norton nominated.

Wed: had an apple-juice and a cookie with O@BICKS before sending him off to daycare. Will miss him sooo much😦 Thought how he would have liked this playground at the airport.


Has been a while since my last domestic flight in Norway and the airport at both ends, OSL (domestic flights section) and TOS are no longer what they used to be – signs of progress, I presume!


Arriving at this angle confused me for a moment as I do not ever remember seeing Tromsdalstinden with so little snow!


Thank you to Hazel&Richard for meeting me at the airport and for a most delicious sei dinner. Has been along while since I had sei (local pollock). The view from their apt brought back good memories, especially with Karl Johans nesa so distinctly and nobly sticking out thru’ the grey clouds. Appreciations to Claire&family for opening their doors to me.

DAY 5 challenge, SIN – a difficult place to get total nature pix! Pulau Ublin, an island off SIN and one of the last rural areas to be found in SIN. Pix taken in Dec2010. Michelle Tan nominated.



Thu: tkx to Ellen for taking time to meet @the new Kystens Hus.


A fishing boat docking and selling its catch – recalling this exact location where I would be bright and early to buy fresh seafood back in the dark ages of the 1970s!


Pix of a pix with my father and I in 1973 – hat and jackets were the dress codes then, not me! Have never own any of these kind of fancy hats🙂 2016 – same spot except that one is not able to buy seafood straight from the fishing boats any longer


Watching life goes by – dogs and their trainers and window shopping.



Walked about town revisiting places to discover that many of the pix I took this time round are similar to that in the posting below. Just posting some random new ones in this posting.


Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness ― George Sand

First & Second City Halls in OSL

26 Sep 2016 –  A Walk Around Rådhusgata


Saw these 4movies over the past week. Nothing too exciting except for Sully****directed by Clint Eastwood where Tom Hanks stars in this thrilling portrait of heroic airline pilot Chesley Sully Sullenberger, re-enacting his incredible successful emergency landing of an Airbus A320 full of passengers on the Hudson River which actually happened on my Bday in 2009!!

There’s simply no substitute for experience in terms of aviation safety – Chesley Sullenberger
Fri: O was in 7Heaven when May returned after a few days from work in Portugal. Paul Simon took the title of the song from a Chinese Restaurant menu that had a chicken-and-egg dish called Mother and Child Reunion
Sat: O had company for T and waffle.
Tried out the early Christmas gift from me to them – Moods of Norway Waffle Iron in the shape of a tractor, something not necessary, but O liked it.
Musikk & Scenehuset@Gamle Raadhus for the 2ndtime within 8days!

Good to see Mariann&Torfinn Kleive again after all these years. We were neighbours at Kolsås in the 1980s. Julie Kleive gave a delightful performance of Marcus Paus’s works with Joachim Kwetzinsky at the piano. Small world, I last time I heard Joachim played was at Marianne&Torfinn’s wedding (2008) where he gave quite a performance of Greg’s Wedding Day at Troldhaugen.


Has been a very rough morning, took a walk taking pix around town to clear the mind.


The Whisky Bar@Rådhusgata 28 with a huge selection of fine Irish, Scottish and world whiskies. What whisky will not cure, there is no cure for – Irish proverb!



Byens Andre Rådhus –  OSL 2ndCity Hall (1620’s). The oldest part of this building goes as far back as the years following the large fire in 1624. It was extended as it was taken over by a local official, Stiftamtskriver in 1647 that used the house as his residence. As the 1st city hall was abandoned in 1733, the city administration moved into the building and it worked as the 2ndcity hall 1743-1833. It was also a police station for over 200yrs, from 1745-1963.


Fred Olsens gt.


Sun: O wanted to sing at the children’s choir@Vestre Aker Church today and seemed to have enjoyed it.


It was his 1st church service and a good experience for him. He is sooo adorable in his shirt and vest cycling with a lamb in his bag-pack to and from church. Forgot to snap that moment, too busy focusing on is safety!

interior design scene red couch on a white wall background with copy space

Edited: today I accepted Hazel Armstrong’s challenge (looking forward to seeing her next week) to post nature photos for 1week, nominating a person each day to continue the challenge. 7countries in alphabetical order with ONLY nature pix taken by me and picking someone from that country to continue the challenge starts with –

1. Australia – the western part around Margaret River (2009) and Kim Austin is nominated to continue the challenge today. If interested in some of the pix click to this posting: