Gift Wrapping

7 Dec 2016 – Gift or Present??

Finding the correct words is not always easy, especially when you know more than 1 language! When gift is in the Norwegian context, poison pops up! And present sounds too much of NOW! But those seem to be the only 2 words!!

Here is a touching clip to watch for the season. Grandparents with grandchildren somewhere else, do get your bags out and start packing!


Sat: Toda תודה רבה לך (Hebrew) – thankful for Larry from USA who landed safe&sound here in SIN. Great to catch up and hope that he is not too jet-lagged to have a goodnight sleep. Traffic was horrible@Orchard Rd due to the closure for the 1st Sat of the month – forgot all about that…



Sun: a weekend of gift creating and wrapping. The second Sun of Advent is a reminder that not everyone looks forward to the holiday season and to have some compassion for those who are finding this to be a difficult time of the year.


Mon: Obrigada (Portuguese) – tkx for these from Les, Calvin, Andrew, and others. Trying to figure how to size them into a few smaller boards on the working table which is already a total mess! And who ever said that size does not matter have not tried doing this.


Tue: catching up with CHIJ 1962 classmates. Tkx Cecelia for taking time to meet before flying off back to Sydney/Australia. Appreciations to Pat for getting us together, and what a lovely surprise to bump into Evelyn too. Looks like the ginger-bread house is opened and ready for the sales of their baked-goods@Tanglin Club.

img_3181 img_3176

Tanglin Club and Raffles Hotel are two of the few places which still have classy and tasteful Christmas decorations with the traditional colours of red, green and gold.


Wed: tried getting my fresh veggies@the wet market this morning, again forgetting – not road closure this time but that Wed is the day when many of the stalls have their break. Just goes to show that Wed is not my usual day to the wet market!! This tree with yellow blooms is absolutely delightful to see when I pass by the junction of MP and Still Rd by TaoNanSchool


Hello December 2016

2 Dec 2016 –  Thanks & Farewell November


Tue: Happy 10thBday JohnW, the only one of my 6grandchildren born in SIN. Amazing that #3 has now also reached the age when he can count his age in 2digits!


That time of the year again!!! Things to be boxed and wrapped and things out of boxes to be placed – 1st Christmas lunch starting 8Dec. Could not find the Advent wreath and candles, probably gave them away and forgotten about it or to whom?? Will have to do without one!

cff338c45c_345x518_fd672c4d47Lulu The Movie***is a popular character from Michelle Chong’s comedy sketch show The Noose. Coming from mainland China, Lulu who used to be a KTV hostess now works in SIN.

The movie follows the adventure of Lulu who has a distinct Chinese accent trying to converse in English in SIN. The exaggerated and overemphasized of the accent can be more annoying than funny at times!


Wed: Happy Bday to cousin Chai in Toronto. 0900hrs appointment at MtE to get over with it. Shopping early to beat the crowds at Daiso@PlazaSIN for last minute Christmas mailing stuff and gift wrapping. Appreciations to Peggy for lunch at New Green Pasture Health Food Trading****@Fortune Centre, one of my favourite vegetarian places but the prices have also gone up!


Thu: do like the snow-furries in the blog for the holiday season! Today starts the countdown of Advent (decided to put up 2! ) and my calendar says Cảm ơn/Komomen (Vietnamese). Thankful to Aileen & Raymond for their help to get 2016 Season’s Greetings ready so that they can hopefully be in the snail-mail asap!


Fri: TGIF – yes yes yes burning the mid-night oil last night to get most of the greetings in the mail today and the village is in its place on the piano.


On to gift wrappings over the weekend and hopfully the creative ideas will just flow in, unlike the memory where things are flowing out, mis-placed or gone🙂 But still நன்றி Nandei (Tamil) thankful to the beautiful and simple life in life – like the Bougainvillea which are found abundantly in SIN, on highways like the ECP, overhead bridges, etc…


13 Happy Bday Ingrid HUSTAD

14 Happy Bday LAM Cheng Chwab

16 Happy Bday Andy LAM

23 Happy Bday Minos LAM

25 Merry Christmas

27 Happy Bday Lisa XIAO

28 Happy Bday Peggy LEUNG

National Gallery 1st Anniversary

28 Nov 2016 – Free Movie Screening on the Padang

img_3054img_3119Fri: TGIF. Was at the polyclinic and the wait was 2+hrs. Since it was not a matter of life&death, 2+hrs was not worth the wait.  The trip to Journey East also went down with the buckets of rains. Had the good company to Gel in the comforts of my own 4walls! Sandwiches/Japanese style & gravlaks with a bottle of red.


Sat: back to the polyclinic at 0800hrs and was in and out within an hour. Tkx to Calvin@CC for the Blackdeer folding chair (made in China) which saved my back! Left my other folding chair in the US to save my back when I am there. 


Homecoming (离人)***documentary screening at the Padang featured interviews and stories from people who have moved out of Pulau Ubin onto the mainland but can’t keep away from island, and those who have made it home after moving from SINmainland.


National Gallery 1st anniversary celebrations with colourful light-show.


Down memory lane to catch the bus on Esplanade Dr. Used to run and played around TanKimSeng fountain when father took me to Elizabeth Walk/伊丽莎白女皇道 and the Satay club here in the 1950s.


Sun: 1st Sunday Advent. Tkx to nephew Clem for lunch with nieces Judy&Daisy and sis-in-law, Kit at SoupRestaurant@Vivo, my favourite locations of all the SoupR if you are lucky to get the sea-view table. Pleasant surprise to bump into Aileen, Alan & their lovely children Jeremy, Alexandria&Chloé.


Tried to do some shopping@IKEA on a Sunday is worse than pulling teeth for me – was I out of my mind??? Discovered Taiwan shaved-ice@Anchorpoint, but still prefer those@MeiHeongYuen.

img_3110Was in this area to pick up some snacks from bro Steven whose memories and many of his issues are getting the better of him – how very sad. On the way to the bus with the the beautiful sun setting, more peaceful thoughts about SIN being the few places where it is possible for ppl to worship different religions side by side in harmony – here is a Christian Church next to an Indian temple.

15179154_2341753385965377_3273008938202478073_nimg_3138Mon: What a way to start a week, tkx to Gel for this share! Looks like my gate and door, exactly the colour and also exact spot where the number is placed!! Would have died of a heart attack to open the door to this!!! Had to enlarge to see what floor – hope that they do not slider higher than 2floors. This was spotted this morning at Delta Rd. Snake was removed after AVA took an hour to arrive – All Singapore Stuff.

Use your enemy’s hand to catch a snake – Persian Proverb

After the posting you can be sure that I will be opening my one and only door VERY slowly and carefully…


Appreciations to Seb for fixing the browser problem here, otherwise unable to update and edit postings! Tkx to Calvin for dinner with suppliers from Czech Republic and Italy who are in SIN for the OSEA2016 International Conference.

Thanksgiving 2016

24 Nov 2016 – Thanksgivings Past and Present


Mon: safe journeys home to Toronto/Canada Yun – do not wait for another 8yrs before your next visit. While SIN Changi airportT2 is preparing for Christmas, I am still hiding behind the masks at T3

Tue: coughing so badly and feel like my whole rib-cage is breaking.  Everything had to be rescheduled and cancelled for today.

Wed: cleaning, washing and tidying away linen, towels etc after 1 month with visitors staying over. 2 lousy night sleep does not help with the efficiently.

Thu: a better sleep last night, but still not enough. Happy Turkey Day. Was reflecting back the Thanksgivings since this blog started –


2008 – SIN Thu 28Nov. With May visiting, International Buffet including roast lamb and durian (hosted by Les&Ivy) the night before Kat&Greg’s wedding. Have not spent a Thanksgiving with May since!


2009 – SIN Thu 26Nov. Made roasted quail dinner served with a Beaujolais Nouveau 2009 for AmyR who was on crutches.


2010 – SIN Thu 25Nov. made dinner for Les&Ivy, Angelic&Paul & KK. Tkx to Les for a dry white Kistler, a wonderful red from the Harlan Estate and how appropriate to celebrate an American occasion with 2 American wines. Condrieu dessert wine/French was just as complimentary to the Italian dessert. According to bro Les, Beaujolais Nouveau  is more a Ribena (black currant juice) than a wine🙂 My family&I like it and we have always enjoyed it with our Thanksgiving turkeys since our days in USA. Thus no Beaujolais Nouveau 2010


2011 – SIN Thu 24Nov. Yummy turkey dinner complimented with cranberries and butter-squash soup  by Kat&Greg. 4 generations together giving thanks. Again no Beaujolais Nouveau 2011, tkx to Les&Ivy for hosting this lovely evening.


2012 – SC/USA Thu 22Nov.  Dinner made by Linn&family celebrated with the Looneys and also the last Thanksgiving@Sandstone Dr. Bye-bye to L&M’s childhood table and chairs.

2013 – SIN Thu 28Nov. At CC but did not celebrate and that explained why no Beaujolais Nouveau 2013

2014 – SIN Thu 27Nov.  Watched a cheesy movie Maps to the Stars** Did not celebrate, but still a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau 2014 to mark the day!


2015 – Japan/Suburbs Of Ayabe Thu 26Nov. Tasted the best mackerel sashimi with my 2 oldest friends PP&KK and also a celebration to our 60yrs of friendship. unable to find any Beaujolais Nouvea 2015 in this area!


2016 – SIN Thu 24Nov. Not your traditional Thanksgiving dinner except for the wine🙂 Thankful to Peggy for a yummy dinner and grateful to meet up with 1962CHIJ classmates Angela, PatChee, Rebecca, especially Winnie who is visiting from CA/USA and PatThum not from my class.


Shared the Beaujolais Nouvea 2016 with anyone willing to drink with me! Peggy, Rebecca, KS were a sport to have a sip while PatT&I finished the bottle🙂

Beaujolais Nouvea history since 2009…


Beaujolais Nouvea 2009, 2012 (pix credits to Linn)


2014, 2015 (pix credits to Linn) & 2016 (tkx to Yun for the 2016). Pix from 2014&2016 got me totally confused as they are taken from the same spot but different years! Just shows what age and time can do to one’s mind🙂

Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have – Catherine Pulsifer

Early Thanksgiving

20 Nov 2016 – Welcome Cousin Yeng From Vancouver


Fri: TGIF – walked to Marine Cove/EC Pk for brunch, good MeeSiam at Hill St Coffee Coffee Shop****


CBD for banking and shopping. Ocean Financial Centre –  like the fish mural. Spanning a total area of 2,125.56sq m, this garden previously held the Guinness World Record for the largest vertical garden in the world. Needs some maintenance to show that it is shaped to the world’s map!


Suntec/Fountain of Wealth, ACM, LauPatSat/BoonTatSt for satay, local cockles(see-hum), kangkong/Ipomoea aquatica, sting-ray and yummy chicken-wings dinner.


Continued to Chinatown by DowntownMRT to MeiHeongYuen for Taiwanese shaved-ice, tkx to niece and nephew.

Sat: lunched with 4sis-in-law and visited bro Steven@Bukit Merah – tkx to DaisyLam. Been while (about 30yrs ago) since I  was last here@Jelita Cold Storage where PizzaHut was once located and now replaced by Delifrance.


An early Thanksgiving dinner before Yun takes off. Appreciations to Annie&Neo at their beautiful home for getting together 13aunt&uncle (who had to leave early), 16aunt, 18aunt&uncle, cousin Yeng (welcome back to SIN from Vancouver/Canada) and Ai-Ling&fam.


Yummy hotpot with the best varieties of meats and fish and Veuve Clicquot bubbles to top them off. Yellow DragonFruit (sweet and tasty, unlike the taste of the ones with red-skin) and durians, king of fruits without a doubt! Ending the evening with the perfect nightcap of Glenlivet XXV Single Malt before crashing to bed.

A good gulp of hot whiskey at bedtime—it’s not very scientific, but it helps – Alexander Fleming


Sun: welcome Winnie from CA/USA who arrived yesterday – again@Marine Cove, enjoying the Hill St Laksa, MeePok and MeeSiam. Glad that they got caught up now as they last met 43yrs ago in 1973.

A quiet and light dinner tonight for Yun before flying back to the winter tomorrow!


Short Stay

17 Nov 2016 – @MBS Guiding In This Area

With thanks and appreciations to cousin Annie&Neo for this entire posting.


Tue: @Outram Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha***Keppel Rd for yummy bak kut teh. Been awhile since I was there.


Was entertained with Chinese music by a group of young lovely ladies@MBS Lobby Tower1.


Was totally impressed watching Annie with her glass-beaded handcraft, blessed to be presented with with one of her exquisite necklaces a few days ago.



Sky on 57 by Justin Quek****MBS Hotel. Yummy fusion fine dinning with a view. Salad with Truffle vinaigrette, Char coal Grilled KagoshimaA5Wagyu Sirloin, Laksa, Wok-fried Maine Lobster Hokkien Noodles and Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao.


The SuperMoon finally showed its face tonight high above but besides being big and bright, not sure as to where and how super it is? Perhaps the city lights overwhelmed the natural super part of it…


Wed: breakfast with a view@Club55 MBS Hotel with a view to East Coast Pk and thinking about the 7k walk by the sea! Good smoked-salmon.



Enjoying the super presentations of the variety of foods and T-places and The Shoppes MBS Food court (the most expensive food court in SIN).


A short walk at the infinity pool and  to and on the Super-trees@Gardens by the Bay to be back at the hotel in time to meet Yun’s cousin Emily&Lim from her maternal side.


Dinner@Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine****a part of The Shoppes@MBS. 8 courses+desserts – Peking duck (their signature dish), beef, chicken, fish, noodles, prawns, tofu and the best soup made from pork and seaweeds – tkx to Annie and fam.


The Hurricane Water Feature is unfortunately closed for  maintenance but the Light show was well-received.


Thu: breakfast@Adrift MBS Hotel. Smoked-salmon here not as good as Club55. Laksa and dim-sum OK, but quite a novelty way to serve honey!


More maternal cousins for Yun to catch up with and after such a breakfast, could only handle a few spoonfuls of mango-pudding. If I continue eating like there is no tomorrow, there will be to tomorrow. Yun is heading to the Gardens with Emily while I head back to MBS to update here.

And I find chopsticks frankly distressing. Am I alone in thinking it odd that a people ingenious enough to invent paper, gunpowder, kites and any number of other useful objects, and who have a noble history extending back 3,000 years haven’t yet worked out that a pair of knitting needles is no way to capture food? ~Bill Bryson

Foods to Die For

14 Nov 2016 – Thanks To Les & Ken


Sat: Beach Rd with the nearly completed Duo (residential, offices, retail, hotel) – a contemporary twin-tower integrated mixed-use development with Parkview in the background. Blanco Ct PrawnMee  is a must when in this area!


Wall-murals@corner of Beach Rd and Haji Lane.


Haji Lane – this charming tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, is a fashionista’s paradise. The collection of narrow colourful trendy shop-houses are many Kodak moments for those who can appreciates this.


Arab St – like hanging around to window shop – Yun managed to get a few things here.


Sat: walking towards OUE on this beautiful moonlit evening. Tkx Yun for the pix in the elevator.


Tkx to Les for gathering a small family group (Les, Yun, myself, Lee, Yasmine, Daisy and Darryl – with 3generations) for fine dining with a view at ME@OUE*****


Starters with Sashimi, Spanish Ham and their Squid ink brioche followed by a main of Côte Du boeuf, sautéed mushroom, mashed potatoes with arugula.  Château Latour 1986 brought by Les – a meal fit for those who know how to appreciate good international foods!

Japanese say Americans are lazy. HA!! At least we cook our fish!

How can you expect to govern a country that has 246kinds of cheese – C de Gaulle.

Note to self: Alcohol based marinades and gas ovens SHOULD NOT BE COMBINED…


Sun: seafood to die for – tkx to Ken&Cynthia at Crab@Bay548 Macpherson*****


Two of their signature dishes, Crab BeeHoon and Guinness SpareRibs (you would think that only the Irish knows how to use their national drink… lol ) are a must.

Salted-egg salmon skin ( a more than perfect snack with a glass of good bubbles), and clams (Bamboo/Razor and Lala clams (啦啦)  are delicious.

051a3050aa504d64462151ed9ee24266dd442a-wmMon: thank goodness for the rains and what an ideal day to snooze and rest the stomach. Am I still dreaming after the last 2meals or am I in heaven yet🙂

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends – to DIET is to DIE without the T.


Walked for 3hrs this evening hoping to see the Super-Moon, but the clouds were just too much for the moon to even peep thru’. Instead stumbled upon Lion&Dragon dances on the East Coast Pk evening walk.


Can someone plx tell me what the burning of a paper boat and sending it out to sea is about???

Edited 28Nov: 15th of the 10th Moon is also the day when the Taoist prays to the Shui Guan (Official of the Water, literal translation) tkx to Victor Yue from the Heritage Society/Bukit Brown.