27 Aug 2016 – Tyssedal Hotel


Tue & Wed: Tyssedal, 0.62sqK (150-acre), pop  692, a village in Odda municipality in Hordaland county. Typical monotown, depending upon the energy received from the hydropower station. Norsk Vasskraft- og IndustristadmuseumNorwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry drawn by the architect Thorvald Astrup (1876–1940) and constructed between 1906 and 1918.

Tyssedal kyrkje - 2Tyssedal kirke

Tyssedal kyrkje was built in 1965 by the architect Axel Fronth.


Tyssedal Hotel (1913)***This historical hotel is home to a spectacular collection of art. The state of my room after unloading things off the pack. 1 night NOK1,305 S$215 breakfast included is NOT worth it. Service OK but What! NO Herrings for Breakfast!! Much prefer the room at Byrkjenes/Odda the first night which I highly recommend – stay there and drive or take the bus to see the art here.


Nils Bergslien, Christian Krogh, Askvold, Adelsten Normann, Morten Müller, Ludvig Shramstad and Hans Dahl are among the artists represented here. The work of Geir Grung, one of Norway’s best known modernist architects is exhibited. Chose to stay here to admire some of these works but hardly any info on these paintings. The art collection***** here is worth more than the hotel. Link below is in Norwegian.


Glad that the paintings are still there but disappointed in the loss of heritage in the running of the hotel. Sad for Norway – a group of Polish bought over this location in May 2016 and the complete Polish staff has little knowledge of Norway or Norwegian and the art collection here. Even the guests are from Poland and did not seem too interested.

2 above clearer pix paintings by Krogh and Bergslien are downloaded as it was not possible for my idiot-proof camera to shoot decent pix with the kind of interior lighting there. Pix with the former hotel director Kolbrún Baldursdottir explaining why this Bergslien is her favourite.


Waiting for the midnight bus back to OSL on a wet evening in a cold-looking and pathetic waiting room which had signs – but no one dares approach an elderly white-hair senior to ask her to leave because doors will be locked. Sadly the Norway I once knew and fell in love with has to make way for this kind of progress I can do without. Perhaps avoiding touristy areas might help.


Thu: arriving in time to wish the family safe journeys as they head out to Møsvann for their annual reindeer hunt. Slept most of the day.

Fri: TGIF – slowly but surely regaining back some energy. Tkx Kris for visiting and for keeping me company. Great to catch up.


25 Aug 2016 – Troll Tongue


Tue: great to catch up Leng and even managed to squeeze in some time for an exhibition at the Oslo Rådhuset

Wed: lunched with Mette@Ullevål Stadion in Baker Hansen****one my favourite bakeries. Bought a soft light-weight water bottle (NOK190 S$32), preparing (6+hrs on the bus from OSL to get to the beginning of the trail) to hike up Trolltunga over the weekend. Bringing tent, etc. Hoping and praying for dry weather. NO will NOT be anywhere near that edge.

Thu: tkx for the visit TorilA and nice to catch up, yes it is a small world that my grandson is now the proud owner of her grandson’s bike🙂



Fri: 0945 bus and after 6+hrs bus-ride in mixed-weather conditions with


one change of bus@Seljestad vekstasjon and one overnight at Odda was just the beginning of this adventure. Round-trip of 676km fare on the bus for senior NOK768 S$127.


Was helped by a gracious and lovely young lady also named Amy at the Tourist Info who even drove me to my accommodations and tried to pick me back into town to catch the bus – but I started with an early walk.


Odda where life centers around a tongue! Pop 5,022, largest urban area in Hardanger. Norway’s hydro power sites and pioneer for the chemicals for cyanamide & carbide.


Amy found a room sharing bathroom and a tiny cooking area, clean and nicely located for NOK400 S$66, well-worth the price, considering what I had to pay for my hotel room later!! Owned by a couple who has this as their supplement income and 2km from Odda.


Sat: took an early walk 2km back to Odda to catch the 0915bus NOK18 S$3 for seniors to Tyssedal where I will be staying after the hike. Dropped off my city-stuff there and caught the hotel shuttle to the trail-head NOK100 S$16.


By the time I hit the trail, it was nearly 1100hrs and looking at what was ahead of me was rather intimidating. But I had these words from Bjørn – there is nothing to it, just put one foot ahead. Easier said than done with a full pack and these steps seem like a never-ending 4.5k climb from 500m to 1,250m.


Managed less than the 4k by 1600hrs and decided to pitched camp. Glad I did so as the rains and winds picked up after everything were in place.

Sun: nice view to wake up by, packed up by 0700hrs to continue. Better to hike in daylight as the trolls all turn into rocks when daylight hits!


Spectacular views of the area, Folgefonna Glacier, Ringedalsvatner made all the hard work worth the while…


Managed to find an angle to avoid the crowds, and while no one was trying to pose on that poor tongue. Sadly some people have little or no respect for Mother Nature. See the people in the pix, I consider this crowded and it is no wonder that crowds takes its toll on the mental being.


Arr at the tongue about 1400hrs with many many rest-stops, 8k in 7hrs. Blessed with lovely weather. Stayed an hour to admire the views and had lunch. Being there and experiencing the real place is not quite the same as just seeing a pix.


Headed back to pitch camp for another night as the downhill will kill me if I do not take it SLOW! Had an eye on a site earlier and it turned out good, in-spite of more rains and winds, found some moss-bed – AT buddies will remember how I feel with moss-bed🙂

Mon: started 0700hrs and did not get to the trail-head until 1500hrs. The downhill on those stone-steps were quite a killer and nearly fell, fortunately it was a rope-sectioned and I felt a friend in a rope! Glad to have had the chance to experience this very unforgettable adventure in good weather! Have certainly passed the stage for this kind of challenging-demanding hikes. This number in the bucket-list nearly put me in the bucket🙂

Trolltunga-TrailTrolltunga med hoydeprofil

Blessed with 3 safe hiking weather-days, kept dried and warm for 2 nights; appreciations to sponsored gears and equipment from the best outfitters store in SIN – Calvin@Campers’ Corner.
Tkx to concerned hikers who offered help when I nearly fell and to others who saw me resting to inquire if I needed help or water.
Grateful to 4 SIN students, studying in Sweden who also spend the night in tent but unfortunately they got wet and did not get much sleep, hat off to them all. They made space to give me a ride to the hotel – this is the 3rd group of young SIN I have met. Glad to see them out enjoying Mother Nature. Life is full of beauty and nice people, stay focus with them, but be aware and avoid the opposites.


Have only been away for a few days and sad news about the earthquakes in Italy and Myanmar in addition to the death of Sellapan Ramanathan/S R Nathan (91) Ex-President of Singapore. May he RIP. Condolences, prayers and thoughts to all family and friends effected.


16 Aug 2016 – From Joseph Schooling



Sat: way to go Joseph Schooling for bringing in the first Olympic gold for SIN. You have made all SIN proud. Congratulations. And a big thank you to his parents, family and friends for the support they have given him to reach that gold. Pix credit to CNA.


A beautiful day with #6 to enjoy a full tent at Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen-The Animals in HakkebakkeWoods where Mikkel Rev/Mikkel fox did a great job with his part at the tent by The Monolith Plateau@Frognerparken.


Free seating – the line to get in was long but nobody really mind as the weather was glorious, and fortunately we were early enough to get good seats. ‘Sold Out Today’. The heat was uncomfortable in a full tent with spotlights. We left at intermission as it was getting to feel like a sauna inside the tent. 


Took a lovely walk and had our packed lunch watching life goes by with people just enjoying this wonderful weather. A park with 45 hectares is a well known picnic area, popular in the summer for sunbathing, games and relaxation with naked bronze and granite sculptures🙂 No matter how crowded it is, I can always find a quiet and peaceful spot far-far away from this maddening crowds, especially now when it is so popular with the PRC tourists.


Sun: O wanted this pix of the bird helping itself on his cherry-tree.  He told e that he did not mind them helping themselves to the cherries, what he did not  like is when they help themselves to the eggs of the other birds’ nests. A nice trip out to Nesøya to visit with Ellen. Catherine and one of her girls were also there. Great to catch up with them all. Pleasant drive back comparing with the traffic and weather to Fri! Lovely sunset with the background of the ski-jump.


Mon: a neighbour and a good friend, Torill from once upon a time in mushroom land 🙂 Piggsoppgrenda! meeting up 30+yrs later in the wonderland (without Alice, but never too late!) OSL on a glorious day.


Thanks for company@Steamen***been awhile since I last set my foot in that location – Hotel Continental’s sidewalk cafe in Olav V gate where one sits and watch life goes by on a good weather-day. Appreciation for taking time to catch up on your way to the airport. Congratulations with an adorable granddaughter and welcome Thomas&Synnøve to parenthood.


Another glorious day for a long walk-about with a bunch of Kodak moments when the sky is such. Along Karl Johan Gate towards the castle and Grand Hotel.


A newly renovated Michael Kors


New public restrooms, Spikersuppa – the fountain in the heart of town which turns to a skating rink in the winters, and the Nationaltheatret


My favourtie, Theatercaféen is part of the Hotel Continental – the meeting point for influential members of the Norwegian art and culture scene. Starting from 1924, portraits of well-known guests were made and placed on the walls of the restaurant. The tradition has continued, and the collection now contains 81 portraits of authors, actors, painters, photographers, musicians, and composers, all former or current patrons of the house.he restaurant is listed on the New York Times list of the world’s most famous Vienna-styled cafes. The restaurant, with is characteristic ambiance, is still a gathering place for artists, as well as many members of the business and finance community.


This street comes to life when the sky is blue!



12 Aug 2016 – Ullevål Hageby


Wed: last night the sky opened up and pour buckets together with the winds. This resulted in some of the tomato plants being destroyed. Rather comfortable sleeping thru’ the howling winds and the rains on the window panes.


Tkx Ingrid for dropping in and for coffee at Bicks. Can never get enough of the fresh apple juice there! The surroundings are rather delightful, especially the tram-line with the old support. Another cafe around the corner from Bicks, but have not had the chance to try yet.


Thu: tkx Mette for the visit. Another glorious day for a short walk in the area. Found a water-melon from Spain and the way the packaging was done reminded me as to how pomelos are packed in SIN. Had to buy it, NOK63, S$10.


Damplassen/Dam Square is a space in the residential area Ullevål Hageby/Ullevål Garden City.  The square got its name in 1918. On the site was previously the so-called Swedish dam, said to have been built by Swedish prisoners of war during the period 1807-1814. Around 1920, a new pond with fountain were built.


Around the square is the Neo-Baroque business and residential buildings in brick. The bakery Åpent Bakeri/Open Bakery’s furnace was built in 1929 and has seen several generations bakers come and go. It is still in use today. Their baked-goods are absolutely to die for. The cherry trees around the pond with picnic benches give a natural nice cozy touch to this space.

M&B previous place is near a road name Sorgenfrigata=Sorrow-free Rd.



Now they are in an area there there is a road name Eventyrveien=Fairytale Rd and sorrow-free, my life must be in La-La-Land🙂 The apples here are RST – red, sweet&tiny. Now why did they not move to any of these roads with all the temptations to a fairy-tale land? Snow white in the winters and red apples in the summers and somewhere maybe a ginger-bread house too!


Fri: another trip to NAV in the morning and hopefully the last one for this time round! Ugh… paper work and red tape, my less favourite thing on the to do list! An evening trip to IKEA to pick up some sales items. Traffic was bad, the grey and wet weather was not much of a help.

Fairy tales can come true
It can happen to you if you’re young at heart
For it’s hard, you will find
To be narrow of mind if you’re young at heart

You can go to extremes with impossible schemes
You can laugh when your dreams fall apart at the seams
And life gets more exciting with each passing day
And love is either in your heart or on it’s way

Don’t you know that it’s worth
Every treasure on earth to be young at heart
For as rich as you are
It’s much better by far to be young at heart

And if you should survive to a hundred and five
Look at all you’ll derive out of bein’ alive
And here is the best part, you have a head start
If you are among the very young at heart

Don’t you know that it’s worth
Every treasure on earth to be young at heart
For as rich as you are
It’s much better by far to be young at heart

And if you should survive to a hundred and five
Look at all you’ll derive out of bein’ alive
And here is the best part, you have a head start
If you are among the very young at heart


Happy 51st Bday SIN

9 Aug 2016 – A Garden Party!


Sun: Olai’s stolen bicycle (red, taken 2015) is now replaced with another one bought 2nd-hand in good condition and light-weight. Will have to get him new accessories for his Bday. Such a coincident and a small world, the ex-owner of that bicycle is Torill’s grandson, Rasmus’s son!!!


Happy Bday to the neighbour’s kid Nora, a garden party in an idyllic fairy-tale setting – even the rains did not seemed to dampen the spirits and moods.


If you are lucky, Olai might show you where the mouse-hole is…


A variety of berries, fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetation can be found in this backyard.


Refreshing evening walk to visit with the Hustads – always such a pleasure to catch up with them. Good Spanish red wine and yummy cheese w the best ham to go with our evening. Appreciations for their continuing friendship which goes back to our Tromsø days when Linn & OleK were in daycare together!

Aug2016 (2)13902767_10153958004874296_3532425031292012997_nAug2016 (1)

2011Katy is back on track (after a season with injuries😦 ) placing 2nd for her age group in this race. Way to go my #1. And she will be starting High School this month and again the feeling of how could this be???

Pix of #1&2 5yrs ago at the same race! Race pix credits to Linn.


Mon: Olai started in a new daycare today. This was funny as M&B were rather concerned as how he would adjust to the new place. B had a chuckle that O was not the least bit upset after delivering him! Some kid was having a Bday and there Popsicle were served after lunch . O had voiced that he did not wished to be picked up until after the Popsicle –  good that the kid has his priorities in the right place🙂 Will be sticking around nearby in-case of any issues, but very unlikely. Good start.


Tue: Happy 51st Bday to SIN. The first, probably last and only time at a NDP was in 2014 when also coincidentally in SIN. Had the feeling that it would have been LKY’s last NDP and wanted to show my respects by saluting him just one time. Went in full patriotic gears and received some stares from the locals around, interviews from the media, even thought that was not my intentions! Must have started a trend, saw that more people are willing to be more patriotically dressed and equipped last year, hope that the trend will be such this year too! Much more fun to be with it and live fully for every moment🙂


Greetings from OSL to SIN. To all in SIN and to those celebrating, enjoy the holiday and be safe. Heard from Gel that there is small groups of our soldiers patrolling in Marine Parade with rifles!

Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it – Bruce Lipton


7 Aug 2016 = New Valley


Thu: peaceful day with a mixture of sun and rain. SIN celebrated a 50-yr relationship with USA. The White House State Dinner was decorated with yellow roses and Oncidium Golden Shower – yellow for Friendship. SIN PM LHL & Ho Ching were there to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations.


Here in a charming yellow house, simple yellow flowers and many busy bees with the most adorable company that is more than just friendship! The color yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect!!


Fri: TGIF and another of these sun/rain day. Walked to Forskningsparken T-bane to catch the metro to Nydalen=New Valley, 2 stops away.

tunnel_of_light_1_sEscalator_Tunnel-of-Light_installation_Nydalen_Metro_Station_Oslo_Norway_201211172 pix downloaded

The Tunnel of Light is an artistic display of color and sound surrounding the escalator at the station. 1800 fluorescent lamps and 44 speakers are installed behind a layer of glass along the corridor, steadily changing color and mood. There are light and sound combinations for all seasons and all phases of life based on different experiences of travel in time and place.

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light – Plato


Had to fill in some forms and deliver some papers to be certified@NAV=welfare administration and was amazed that it took less than an hour, thus giving time to explore the area. Was fortunate with the weather.


BI Norwegian Business School campus has been relocated here from Sandvika since 2005.


Interesting contrast of old and new.


A beautiful day for a picnic lunch and a cup of hot chocolate (had that in the backpack in-case there was a line at NAV, also too expensive to keep eating out too often!) by Akerselva=Akers River.


Sat: a few moments of quiet screen time while the parents are sleeping in…


Lunched at Bicks****excellent duck salad with fresh apple juice – Norway does have the best apple juice in the world. Olai had a cookie and a cup of warm milk, total NOK272 S$43. In addition to the green wooden chair bought for NOK450 S$72.


Some Kodak moments of mother and child enjoying the rains and puddles.


Strange weathers with rains like tropical storms causing chaos and floods on the roads. Had to run some errands and made the best of it while Olai was in 7thHeaven with cakes and goodies at a Bday party🙂



4 Aug 2016 – Back To Viking Land via The Desert!


Mon: total flying time was 14+hrs with just under 2hrs layover at DOH at the new Hamad International Airport US$ 764 S$1,026. 2yrs ago was at the old airport and was bus out to the planes then.


Was assuming that with the new airport, jet bridges to the planes and would not have to be bus out, but still had to be bus to the planes. Uneventful on schedules flights and if the memory is still good, replied to a constructive feed-back about their service and toilets for 2014 on Qatar. Now with their new planes, the toilets are cleaner and the trash not stuffed over the brim!


2012 was probably my first on Qatar when SIN-DOH-OSL-DOH-SIN was S$770RT compared to today S$1,026!



Arr OSL on schedule but the the line for the passport control was nearly 2hrs wait😦 Then to discovered trains including Airport Express Train (Flytoget) are shut down this week in connection with construction of the new Follo line. Finally happily safe & sound with the family after a beautiful bus ride NOK100 S$16. Tkx May for meeting me at the Oslo bussterminal All that just happened at Gardermoen have passed upon seeing and getting a hug from Olai🙂

Was more than a zombie by 2000hrs but struggled to stay another hour before crashing.


Tue: woke up to a glorious morning in M&B new house. Headed into town after dropping Olai to his daycare.



Had to run errands and did so by foot so that I can update pix at different angles and surely to new discovery in town while being sent on a wild-goose to the various NAV offices!! No problems when the weather is just perfect for walking. Must have walked for about 6hrs today and loving it.



Wed: a day in paradise with youngest grandchild #6, Olai at the playgrounds where we had our picnic lunch out in this fantastic weather.


Lego building session for the later afternoon. Thank you May for letting me have him for a day and for getting to know him better.

I think Legos are one of the best toys ever developed. While Legos are sold in kits in order to build specific things, there [are] very few people who leave their Legoss in those kits. It very rapidly becomes an open system where you can build whatever you want. That’s the one thing that signifies my entire life and my career. I learned at an early age that I could make the things that I wanted. That’s a very powerful thing to realize as a kid. Legos were a key part of that – Jamie Hyneman